Hand Placement 
Changing the location or pressure of your hand on the bow grip will cause the arrow to change point of impact. . Wearing a glove in cold weather can also change hand placement. Adding a bow quiver will change bow balance and the way you grip it. Changing hand placement can cause your groups to string out either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you change pressure on the grip

Check out our Ready to Go section.
It includes a few new colors.

TorqueLess grips are made from our Premier Wood. See our HydroDip Samples for a preveiw of what is coming. Our grips are built to provide a consistent hand position and help in reducing torque. On the 3D course or shooting at that once in a lifetime trophy animal, rely on a TorqueLess Custom Bow Grip to help you make the perfect shot.
Current News
We have received our new wood shipments. See our color chart for the colors. Also check out the Ready to Go section for some Exotic wood grips.
Why our grips are among the best:
  • Built from our Premier Wood for strength and beauty.
  • Durable and time tested reliability.
  • Scratches buff away on our Premier Plus models with a buffed finish.
  • Torque reducing design promotes tighter arrow grouping.
  • Help provide a consistent hand position.

3D - Target - Hunting - Custom Bow Grips by TorqueLess - Hunting - Target - 3D

What is Bow Torque?
This is one of the most common problems of archers and one of the most difficult to diagnose. Gripping your bow too tight or tension in your bow hand or arm causes the bow to rotate in your hand. Bow torque causes your groups to string out left and right.  That is why controlling bow torque is so important.

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RTG121 Cinnamon RH

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RTG121 Cinnamon RH
  • Elite Side Plates
  • Right Hand
  • Color - Cinnamon
  • Satin Finish
  • Premier Plus Wood

From Our Customers    
Dave, The grip is nothing but awesome !!!!!! I generally shoot in the 260's on my indoor league until I put my new grip on this past week. First week with the new grip 292. I can't wait to shoot next week. Thanks so much for the grip what a difference. Mark

Hello Dave, Just had to let you know that i received the grip you made for me, and am very impressed. The craftsmanship, beauty, and function is perfect. Thanks for a terrific product.Steve

Dave,  Just received my grip and itís awesome!!! Thanks for your fine work. Itís beautiful!