Hand Placement 
Changing the location or pressure of your hand on the bow grip will cause the arrow to change point of impact. . Wearing a glove in cold weather can also change hand placement. Adding a bow quiver will change bow balance and the way you grip it. Changing hand placement can cause your groups to string out either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you change pressure on the grip

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 George Bokash
Brad Cooper
 -  I just got home from 7 days hunting of the backcountry. I took this bull on the 8th at 15 yards. It was about 6:20 pm. He was at 6 yards but the 2 cows he had with him, that were just on the other side of the tree from me, busted when I went to draw my bow. He wheeled to run but I called and he slowed for a second and I arrowed him. He went about 20 yards and went down. By the pictureís you can see my arrow struck him right in the heart (I love a good heart shot). I left him over night and started working on him at 7:00 am this morning, after 14 total miles of in and out he was to the trailhead and I was on my way home. Iíam so sore right now I donít think I will be able to walk tomorrow. The only bad thing is that I have to go back and get my gear that is still on the mountain.

Josh Martin

Shot this Coyote in North Dakota Badlands at 86.5 yards with my Mathews DXT outfitted with my Torqueless! Thanx for an awesome product. The only grip I will shoot.

Darryl Becker

Kansas Whitetail


J Ford

I love your grips.. here is a mulie I shot with my DXT with a Torqueless on it.

Donny Pentasuglia

I took this 9 point buck here in southern West Virginia.

Josh Martin

8 1/2 year old Ohio whitetail with 13 3/4 inch drop, took me 4 years to kill this brusier, thanks for making a great product!

Kurt Sturebs

Pope & Young Mountain Goat taken in the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska. You're grips work great.

Brad Swigart

Here's a picture of the deer that I shot in Iowa this year. I shot them both on the same day.