Hand Placement 
Changing the location or pressure of your hand on the bow grip will cause the arrow to change point of impact. . Wearing a glove in cold weather can also change hand placement. Adding a bow quiver will change bow balance and the way you grip it. Changing hand placement can cause your groups to string out either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you change pressure on the grip

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Email's from our customers:


hi dave , i did recieve my grip today and have it installed. repeatable hand placement is so easy with this grip its unreal, just pick up my bow ,let the competetion nose slide down on the top of my hand , relax hand and BAM, right where i want my shot to go. the apple jack finish is awsome. i will defintly hand your cards out at the 2 shops i shoot at. great craftsmanship.   william.



Dave, The grip is nothing but awesome !!!!!! I generally shoot in the 260's on my indoor league until I put my new grip on this past week. First week with the new grip 292. I can't wait to shoot next week. Thanks so much for the grip what a difference. Mark


Hi Dave,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I received the grip yesterday and put it on
last night. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Beautiful craftsmanship. You're very talented.
I can't wait to go shooting and put this puppy to the test! Anyway, thanks again. I will highly
recommend you to all my friends in archery.

Take care,


I don't know how you got the grip out to me so fast, but you definately lived up to your rep for super fast delivery. I love the grip, not only does it look awesome, but it feels so natural that I'm kicking myself for not buying one a long time ago for my Mathews bows. The directions you gave were very easy to follow, and I couldn't be happier.




I ordered a grip from you the other day.  It was a high wrist competition nose grip in evergreen 147.  I just wanted to say that I could not be happier with my new grip.  I received it in only 3 days and it is beautiful.  I installed it today right before league and it fit perfect.  I shot my new high score of 56X 300 with it tonight.  Thats 3 X's higher than I ever shot before.  I was shooting a Shrewd before this grip.  A friend of mine outfitted all 3 of his Mathews bows with your grips this summer.  I bought a Conquest 3 off of him with your grip to shoot metric 900 rounds with and loved it.  I knew that I had to have another one for my Ovation that I shoot spots with.  Sorry to talk your ear off, I am just going crazy tonight after shooting my new high.  I have been stuck on 53 X's for over a year.  You do great work and I will tell everyone I know about it.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thanks a lot,




Hello Dave,

Just had to let you know that i received the grip you made for me, and am very impressed. The craftsmanship, beauty, and function is perfect. Thanks for a terrific product.


Hi Dave,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I received the grip yesterday and put it on
last night. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Beautiful craftsmanship. You're very talented.
I can't wait to go shooting and put this puppy to the test! Anyway, thanks again. I will highly
recommend you to all my friends in archery.

Take care,

I love my grip!  Thanks for the great job and service!!!


Dave, I just got my tourqe-less I'm shooting better already and just got it out of the box. Class act excellent finish it will make my Switchback look even better

Dave: Received the grip today, Looks great you did a real nice job on it, thanks John

I recieved my grip yesterday and put it on my bow last night.  I must say I am very impressed with the
craftmanship.  Very nice.  Now if it will just shoot as good as it looks.
Thanks again


got my grip today,looks geat fits great,shot 2 in. group @40yrds. really good for me.everyone on at is right you rock ,THANX.

I appreciate the fast service!  Bob

My opinion of the grip is that it's doing what you claim-no twist. I'm such a Bozo with a bow that tomorrow it could all change but I don't think so. I shot the SB with the old grip taped on and compared it to your's taped on as well. My gut feeling at 20 yards is that if I miss with the torqueless it's a vertical miss and not a lateral one.TheMathews grip is more comfortable but was sloppy and loose on the riser. Anchor point hasn't changed. The real trick to the grip is the nose as it forces the grip into the thumb-forefinger notch and it doesn't move. It's just easier to repeat the same grip position over and over. Will I shoot better? Who knows, but I doubt it will be your fault.

Looks good too.


I installed the grip on my Allegiance about a day after receiving it.  Just for your files, the method of trying to heat the oem grip with a hair dryer is useless on Bowtech's.  I had to split the grip down the center and pry it off.  BT uses what appears to be a silicone based adhesive and they're not shy about it.  The stock grip came off in pieces and I had to literally scrape chunks of wood off the riser using a screwdriver.  This might be something you'll want to include in the installation instructions that accompany your BT grips.  My bow sat under a hot hair dryer for over an hour with no grip movement at all. 
After shooting with your grip I have to say this is probably the single most significant improvement I've made to this bow.  It doesn't make a huge impression upon you until you've shot with it for a couple days, then you begin to realize the natural consistency and torque-free shooting you're enjoying.  The difference is truly remarkable and I'm still amazed at it.  As a professional rifle shooter having been through a ton of training in both military and police circles, I realize the enormous value of the shooter/weapon interface.  When you get right down to it, for most archers this is the sole contact point between them and the bow.  If the weapon doesn't fit you accuracy and consistency will suffer greatly.  I didn't realize the difference would be this great.  The shape and contour of your grip is perfect and it looks fantastic.  Every shot is much more comfortable and consistent and accuracy is easier.  Thanks for producing this for us non-Matthews shooters.  I can't imagine a better choice and I'll be the first to recommend you to anyone wanting an upgrade.


My apologies for not emailing you back sooner, been really busy.

Then Earth grip you sent me looked great.  The fit and finish were perfect. Put it on my LX. I've had a lot of great

compliments about it and have passed on your info to them.  Even the owner of my local bow shop was very interested.

Looks like you have a few new colors now.  I may order another one to go on a Switchback in a few days and one for my

daughters bow.  What will another grip cost?

Thanks again,


I received my grip today. I am extremely happy. I already have the grip on the bow, and it fits
like a glove. Beautiful work, beautiful grip. Again, thanks a million for the fast service and an 
outstanding product. A pleasure to do business with an honest person like you.


just wanted to drop you a note, and let you know i recieved the grip.  It's awesome, better than i expected.

We got saras grip the other day and she shot with it this weekend. She absolutley loves it. Says its the best thing

shes ever had in her hand on ANY bow. thank you very much. Do you make grips for 06 model bowtechs?

Hi Dave........I got my grips today.. Works of art, brother.  Thanks so much for the fast delivery. 

I wish you made grips for Parker bows......I know my wife would love one for hers.  Anyway, thanks again buddy. 


I would like to thank you and your wife for great service. I ordered a
left handed grip on July 12 and you had it in my mail box on July 15.
Installed it and it looks fantastic and functions great. You deserve a
big pat on the back for your craftsmanship. Again thank so very much.
Dale, from Michigan

Dave,  Just received my grip and itís awesome!!! Thanks for your fine work. Itís beautiful!

Got the grip off and the new one on and it fits perfect and looks great.  It fits so good, I just left the old

glue residue on and it does not seem to move at all. It feels good and it forces you in the same slot every time.  Thanks.   Donald

Dave, I got the grip today, great job!! It's very comfortable and my hand doesn't 
move around like it did with the Shrewd. The color matched great. I am very happy. 
Thanks again. Bill

Dave, I love my new grip!  Thanks a lot James.

Dave thanks for the quick service...The fit and finish is awesome...Here is a pic, matches my bucknasty string perfectly...

I will let you know how it shoots tomorrow


Hi David,

Received the grip yesterday and was able to get it on my bow last night. I wanted to commend you on your work.

Not only is it  great looking but it feels very comfortable in the hand. Looking forward to shooting with it.

Thanks again



I received today. Nice job getting me the zebra color i wanted! I have my oem grip off the mathews

but held up by lack of adhesive. I tried to slide it on but was snug enough i was questioning getting off. I have to wait. Just wanted to say thanks!


WOW got the grip today in the mail and it is beautiful.  it is easily the best grip i have seen in person. 

when i get it on i am going to post a picture and my impressions of it on archerytalk.com  thanks again, and

i truly appreciate your work and how fast you got it to me.  kyle

I got my two left handed grips in the mail today. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot.
It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will definately recomend you to anyone who will listen to me talk.

Wow, talk about quick... Thanks for keeping me updated, some of the best customer service I believe I have seen.

Hi Dave,

The grip fit my bow perfectly.  As a matter of fact, the fit was so snug I never removed it to apply the adhesive.

Hand placement is consistent from shot to shot and itís very comfortable.

It has to be the best looking grip Iíve seen on a bow.

Thanks for your great work,


Dave and Chyral,
I rec'd the grip yesterday.  The grips look great on your website; however,
when I opened up the package I was amazed by the quality and beauty.  It
has exceeded my expectations.  I did a dry fit and can not get the grip
off.  It was a snug perfect fit.  Also, the grip does exactly what you say
it will do-limits the torque and allows me to repeat the same grip time
after time.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!
Thank you -

I got my grip yesterdayÖÖÖ.very, very, VERY nice!!!

I canít wait to try it out!!!

Thanks again.


I received the grip today. Simply awesome.
Now, I do not want to wait another 2 months for season to end to install the grip.
The finish is Smooth like Glass! THANKS!!!
The grip works great!!!!!
I was even able to take a shim out of my sight bracket thanks to a great grip.


I was in such a hurry getting ready for my trip last week that I didnít get a chance to fire off a quick thanks!

I received the grip in just a few days after ordering - plenty time for me to install it and get used to shooting with it. Very nice piece of work!  Fit perfectly and my shooting did improve.  Thanks for the extremely quick delivery!



Hi David,
I just got the Grip and it's Perfect.  Best Fit and Finish I've ever seen on a Custon grip.
Thanks a Million.

Thanks for a Quick and great looking grip.  Had my old one off and waiting, however I can't seem to fine the 3m black adhesive. 

Went to home depot and lowes. 

Any idea where I might find it?????

It feel good in the bow fit perfect just need the 3m.


Dave,I received the grip today.This grip is just beautiful.I almost don't want to use it because it is so nice.

However the glue is drying as I write this.Fit is the best too.

Superb work once again Dave.Thank you,Ted


Hi There..

I recently purchased a grip from you.  I just have one thing to say...WOW!

It made a huge difference in the way I shoot.  The first couple times, it felt weird with such a small grip, But once I felt comfortable, its like second nature. 

My hats off for such a fine product!

Thanks again




Yesterday I received a grip I ordered last week.  I put it on my Switchback last night. 

I like it so well that I ordered two (2) more  grips for my other two Mathews bows, an LX and an old Conquest Light.  Your grips are very good looking and they are definitely going to improve my shooting.  Thank you. 



I ordered and have received a grip from you. The one I purchased was the Winewood/Black 112, low wrist.

I just wanted to tell you that it is great!!  It looks great, fits my Switchback XT perfectly, and is the best grip I have ever felt. 

Thanks so much for a fine piece of work.



Got the grip installed, looks and feels fantastic.  Thanks for offering up a quality product. 

Best regards,



The grip arrived today, and it looks great!  I got it on my bow just waiting for daylight to go out and shoot.

You make an amazing grip, it fits better than the factory, Thank you for your attention to detail and the quick

response on this order.


Wow! Just got the mail, pictures don't do your grips justice.
They look even better in person.
Just to make sure before I take off the old ones, I ordered it with a medium
grip but the bottom is same as the stock grip. Do Bowtech's not have this option.


I have just received my grip and am truly impressed. What a beatful piece of wood!

After shooting a Bowtech with a Shrewd grip for the last bit, I had almost written my Switchback

with the clunky Mathews grip off for good. This grip has a similar feel to the Shrewd but looks many times better.

In short - thanks a bunch!


Thanks, got the grip today. Love the way it looks and fits on the bow.

Hi Dave,

Grip just arrived this morning.  Looks and fits perfect.  Thanks for the great product and easy transaction!!



Badass grip man, badass!!!!!!!


My grip came in today.....
WOW!!!  very nice!  Comfortable and fits like a glove!
thanks for the quick shipping,  I'm sure you will have several more orders from my huntin buddies!!


I might have already asked you this question but what is the difference between your grip and stock grip on a Bowtech.

You picture on your webpage does a wonderful job on explaining the differences for a Mathews grip and by the wayI love

 my new grip for the Mathews what a difference it made. Thanks again


Dave, thanks for the fast service.  The grip is much better than the mathews original and you were very easy to deal with, and exceptionally fast shipment.  Could you please tell me why 3m adhesive is suggested to use?  I have some loc tite "stik n'seal" that is pretty good stuff.  Just wondering so I don't mess anything up.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received my grip for my Switchback.
I've got to tell you that this is the absolute best in regards to after market grips.
I've had grips made my a couple of other makers they were decent to nice, but yours is in a class of it's own !!
The fit was right on , but what really sets it apart is the feel in hand.... very comfortable & repeatable.
All together the best I've ever had the pleasure to use be it OEM or after market.
If I ever get another Mathews...which is almost a given, the first thing I'll do is to order one of your grips.
Thanks for a great product.


I have received my new grip today. THANKS Dave its amazing , beautiful work.





Received the grip on Tuesday.  After installation and a couple of shots........what a difference in feel.

Thanks for a great product.


Hi Dave
I received the Autumn-130 grip today and it is awesome .  It fit perfect, looks great and shoots outstanding.  I will recommend your grips to all at the archery club.


I got the grip yesterday afternoon and put it on last night. This thing is awesome. I can't say enough about it or your service. You are 1st class in my book and I will tell everyone I know about your product. Thanks again for such a great and beautiful product.

Dear Dave, Thanks for the grip. It is the best product I have put on the bow so far. I also bolted on a QAD ultra rest and have been very pleased. Thanks for taking the time to answere my emails.

I got a grip from you earlier this year for my SB and I love it.  I've
heard you're building them for Bow Techs, and I want one for that bow
too. Is it true? I want a competition, low wrist, walnut grip for my
Allegiance. Is there any way I can pay by credit card over the phone?

Thank you so much!!!
The specs on the grip are correct!
What great service and all will know of it also on the net!
Did not intend to be such a pain in the arse, while shooting the broken grip my shooting is getting better with every sesion! Thanks for making such a great product.
David Shaw <dave@torqueless.com> wrote:

Hi Wayne,
Sorry about your grip. We will send out a new one on Monday with these specs....

Thanks the grips are beautiful and improved my groups substantially. I am telling all my friends about your wonderful product. Mathews should offer your grip as an option.

Hi Dave, I got the grip yesterday and the first thing I said to myself as I unwrapped it from
the expert packing was "wow, this is beautiful"!  It really is beautiful, what a great job.
It's hard to believe it's wood!  It feels sooo smooth!  And I haven't even put in on the riser yet!! 
I am very impressed and pleased.  I can just feel that it will be comfortable in my hand on the bow.
Now I know what everyone was raving about on the Mathews archery forum!
Just a quick note of thanks.
Take care,

hey dave!
i put your grip on my mustang the day i received it... love it love it love it! i'm 5'4" and a strong 120# but the original grip on my bow has always seemed too bulky for me to find a comfortable hand position. as soon as i got even slightly fatigued while shooting, i would start torgueing... always left. your grip fits my hand perfectly... and now i've had to resight my bow because i had been compensating. this is a super grip! not to mention a beautiful piece of work!
thanks so much!
p.s. russell, my boyfriend, is enjoying his grip just as much!


 The grip is fantastic. I will definately spread the word around in bow league. Thanks for coming up with a grip that is far better than offered by Mathews themselves.